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Integrated Railway Solutions

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Railway infrastructure

We supply the full range of track superstructure materials

Spare parts

spare parts for rolling stock and locomotives, batteries, and much more.

Wagons and locomotives

We sell and lease wagons and locomotives.

Repair and modernization

We provide repair, modernization and extend operation life of rolling stock.

About us

Skinest Rail offers you professional integrated railroad solutions

We sell and rent freight cars, provide railway spare parts for all types of railway rolling stock and materials for upper railway road building.

Skinest Rail UA LLC is a part of Skinest Group that incorporates the Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant  (Latvia).

The Daugavpils plant produces a wide range of spare parts and carries out all types of diesel locomotive repairs, modernization, and service life extension.

Due to our factories, our storages have a wide selection of spare parts. This allows us to provide the required parts in the shortest period of time.

Railway infrastructure

Buy from us all component parts of railway infrastructure

We propose you to procure all component parts of railway infrastructure. Just indicate necessary items and materials, desired delivery term and destination of the delivery.

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Superstructure of the track

We supply full range of track superstructure materials

We work only with recognized manufacturers and certified products that our customers trust. Given our international experience and presence in 11 countries, we are ready to fulfill an application of any complexity.

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Spare parts

Spare parts for rolling and traction stock, and much more

The company has extensive experience in supplying spare parts for rolling and traction stock (diesel locomotives), batteries for it, etc. We represent the interests of major manufacturers in the CIS and Europe, with whom we have official dealerships.

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Train wagons: sale, lease and repairs

We offer services of long-term lease, rent and sale of all types of wagons, including tanks, freight and passenger wagons of all types.

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Locomotives: sale, lease and repairs

Skinest also provides services for the rental and sale of mainline and shunting locomotives, and a full range of services for the repair and modernization of diesel locomotives.

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Repair and modernization

We provide repair, modernization and extend operation life of rolling stock

Skinest Rail offers the following services:

  • repair, modernization, extension of the service life of the rolling stock – passenger and freight cars, locomotives and trains;
  • overhaul of freight and passenger wagons on the base of repair facilities of Kryukovsky plant, Ukraine;
  • overhaul of locomotives and electric trains on the base of repair shops in Daugavpils, Latvia.
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